ARMA Canada InfoCon 2021

Proud Sponsor of Canada’s Largest Information Management Conference.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Uncover all your enterprise information, not just the sliver sitting in your ECM. Download our Metadata report to see what other companies have discovered and the possibilities open to them armed with this data.

The pandemic has created a massive impact on information governance in the enterprise. These unique challenges also herald massive opportunities for IM professionals armed with the right information to drive their programs.

Data compliance, digital privacy, cybersecurity, accelerated discovery and massive business value are all built from a foundation of comprehensive understanding of enterprise information.

Start your journey to total data understanding with a snapshot of all your enterprise information. Armed with comprehensive data visualizations you can start making actionable recommendations. Uncover areas of risk, eliminate ROT (Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial files) drive productivity, and capture opportunities.

A Shinydocs content audit/metadata crawl can quickly deliver:

  • Full metadata understanding driving future possibilities
  • Federated search improving findability across multiple repositories
  • Elimination of redundant, obsolete and trivial files (organizations are sitting on an average of 50% ROT)
  • Identification of critical files to migrate into current systems of record
  • Clean and up to date data for future projects (Auto-classification, Digital twin, predictive maintenance, RPA)
  • Information that is responsive to ever changing data privacy laws and compliance requirements

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