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With Shinydocs, automating your data management processes has never been easier. Our solutions utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive actionable insights that benefit your entire organization.

Competitive Value

Do more with the same resources and more cost effectively comply with data compliance requirements

Better Decisions

Business insight powered by AI and machine learning empower workers and executive teams to make better decisions

Increased Responsiveness

Power workflows, migrate documents and empower Speed up customer response times, enable faster search, accelerate the ability to adapt to change

Artificial Intelligence can understand the business value of your content at scale. Tireless, accurate and fast – AI automation saves thousands of hours in manual classification, migration, and remediation, leaving knowledge workers free to work on more meaningful tasks.

These days, every business is a data business. Every enterprise, regardless of industry or even size, is attempting to manage and draw insights from large volumes of data.

Running data-intensive operations requires more and more resources—in budgets, staff, and infrastructure. In addition, the complexity and requirements of managing data will only grow more onerous. A data automation strategy is key to avoiding the costs and inefficiencies of running data operations in a manual or ad hoc way.

Although computers have many advantages over humans when it comes to classifying your organization’s data, that does not mean people are not important. In fact, when you embrace AI and machine learning, your employees can shift their focus to the things that they do best, like unstructured problem-solving and critical thinking.

I advise all my customers to use Shinydocs going forward because of the simplicity and power [of their solutions]

Vibeke Kristiansen, CEO, Strator

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