Enhance ROI with Enterprise Content Management

Motivating employees to follow a content management process is not easy. In fact, it’s a pain. Whether implementing a new content management application or taking over old legacy systems, learning where to properly store files is confusing. Even for those who have to work in those applications and systems, day in and day out. 

This, however, doesn’t change the fact that companies want to protect and manage their content. Business leaders want employees to use enterprise content management systems to protect business data and to get the crucial ROI out of these solutions.

The problem is that ECMs aren’t designed for how people actually work.

Encouraging Enterprise Content Management Adoption

Any business leader will tell you that their greatest expense is also their most powerful asset: people. The wonderful thing about us humans is that we’re unique. How we approach our work and perform our jobs differs from person to person.

Sure, you can train employees, but getting them to adhere to a new content management process is exceedingly difficult. Humans typically work the way they want to and trying to get them to change how they save and classify files is going to be a major change management headache. This can spell doom for any content governance or management software implementation.

Curiously, after years of coming up against the perpetual roadblock of employees simply not using content management or data governance solutions correctly, software solutions still fail to design for humans. Rather, they design for streamlined data processing.

Embrace the Messiness of Content Creation With the Right Enterprise Content Management Solution

The solution to this gap and getting your ECM back on track can be found in automation and solutions that actually take how people work into account. While also supporting company goals to secure and leverage content. By seeing content creation and management through both a business intelligence and human perspective, automated processes account for human imperfection.

This is certainly a change from the classic – move everything into this new platform and your data will become impenetrable, searchable and classified – claim.

By taking an automated approach, classification and identification isn’t really needed on the front end. Employees can simply create a new report, invoices or any other document, and it can be crawled and classified on the backend.

Data and content is messy and challenging to manage. And yet, by leveraging automation, embracing the messiness may be simpler in the end. Creating a long term content automation process allows people to work how they want to work. This ultimately allows companies to be nimble and more efficient by leveraging technology to do the heavy lifting, rather than us imperfect humans.

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