What Our $16 Million Investment Means for Shinydocs Customers

Does Shinydocs have the right to exist?

When we started in 2013, we knew how to solve industry problems, we were comfortable experimenting, and we brought those two things together to win dozens of enterprise customers. 

While solving Enterprise Content Management’s utilization and success challenges, these customers shared their bigger challenges of overwhelming data creation, industry regulation, and efficiency. We figured what’s the point of being in this industry if we weren’t going to tackle the biggest challenges? 

We reinvested the money we made, conducted experiments with world-class customers, organizing and understanding their huge file shares, e-mail, content systems, and databases.  The experiments were successful over five years, and delivered award-winning value. 

Five years later, these companies still want this value and they see that nobody else approaches enterprise content quite the way we do. Not because we’re bigger or stronger, but because we’ve always operated on the assumption that we don’t have the right to exist – we have to earn it. Innovate or go away. 

Now we’re reaching for the next level of growth and re-thinking the industry’s previous assumptions about information management. In the past, we avoided funding because we didn’t want to grow based upon our unproven assumptions. Today, the assumptions have been confirmed. The risk is no longer there. The world needs Shinydocs’ approach to data. 

For these reasons, we recently partnered with First Ascent Ventures and Export Development Canada. This investment will help us maintain our “right to exist” by allowing us to:

  • Confirm our position as a thought and innovation leader, as the markets discover that there is something extra and bigger that can be done for information management 
  • Get in front of customers and give them every reason to say “yes” to using their data as fuel for their business instead of their data being exhaust from their business
  • Smooth out any rough edges of customer engagements, so time-to-value is fast

Investing in sales, marketing, and customer success solves another big challenge: bringing something that’s highly valuable but not yet fully understood to the market. First Ascent Ventures has experience with this. 

It’s a privilege to lead Shinydocs into its next chapter with the resources required to continue giving our customers the best.  

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