World Mental Health Day: A Note From Heidi, Our People Leader

While uncomfortable, change – even a pandemic – can inspire growth.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic it was still not common to have open discussions about Mental Health & Wellness/Wellbeing. Conversations were not always supported, encouraged, or appreciated. Fast forward to the world experiencing a global pandemic and we experienced common ground like never before because we were all in it together. When faced with this new unknown it brought to light the mental health challenges that people were experiencing and something changed, for the better.

As the world slowed down we started emphasizing the importance of checking in when our friends, family, or team members who were doing “fine” because we all knew that no one was fine. We adjusted to wearing multiple hats….parent, partner, teacher, caregiver, etcetera. We experienced the same unknowns, shared the same fears, and experienced the same level of discomfort with all the uncertainty.

Then something started to shift. We had more time to focus on what mattered to us. We spent more time outdoors. We found new ways to connect with people we care about. We stopped apologizing (but instead acknowledging) when life happened live on video calls (i.e. your three year old needing juice, animals stealing the show, or work attire evolving into ‘comfies’). We started making choices on where we wanted to work based on our and our families needs. We leaned in and helped one another. We talked, listened, and shared our concerns.

When the world sped back up again people started to prioritize the things that were most important to them – and this included their mental health. The great re-imagination occurred because the world has been forever changed. While uncomfortable, change can inspire growth. People are continuing to lean in and speak up about what they need because mental health and wellness isn’t optional, it’s essential so that everyone can live their best life possible.

World Mental Health Day is something Shinydocs is committed to. We are prioritizing building digital environments where our team can bring their whole authentic self to work, where they can prioritize their mental health and wellness, and celebrate their uniqueness. Our team can show up when things are good, and show up when things are difficult – without hiding or judgement. They can ask for what, how, and when they need support and be allotted a safe, nurturing, and caring environment where their team has their back.

This year, we come together and celebrate who we are, and support each other through adversity. It’s important to shout from the top of the mountain that you are not alone, we are here to walk with you.

If you or if anyone you know is suffering from mental health concerns or just needs someone to talk to, help is out there, please reach out to:

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