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Meet Canada’s Digital Ambitions Faster with SLSA-approved Shinydocs

Improve Canadians’ and federal employees’ experience with the Government of Canada with an integrated system that simplifies finding all government documents, files, media, and records:

  • Fulfill information requests as easily as running a Google search
  • Find and access records across multiple storage locations
  • Obtain visibility over your content landscape

Shinydocs empowers a more resilient and responsive Federal Government.

Shinydocs delivers both the automated technical solutions and the strategic expertise to help you Discover, Search, and Migrate your content—the files, documents, and records that support processes and workflows.

Provide timely government services

Ensure timely access to public records in response to requests from constituents, journalists, and civil society groups, making it easier for your employees to search for and retrieve files.

Streamline digital operations

Separate redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data from government records, improve access to info across multiple locations, and delete or move sensitive info stored in the wrong place.

Transform how public servants work

Break down siloed processes and make finding research reports, budgets, maps, fact sheets, applications and more as easy as running a Google search.

Secure search

Deliver on mandates faster with easier access to files

Find the information your department needs in seconds as easily as you’d run a Google search. Shinydocs crawls all of the locations that government files are stored and uses rules to identify and classify your files, documents, records, and media content to create a regularly updated master content inventory.

  • Easy findability. Our software uses metadata crawling, text extraction, and optical character recognition to create a searchable inventory of your content.
  • From visibility to security. Know where all of your content sits, so you can assign the correct access permissions and level of security.
Paul Thibeault from Shinydocs, Government Industry Specialist
Phil Thibeault

Account Executive, Government

“Today, Canadians expect government services to be delivered in the same way they work, shop, and learn – digitally. Shinydocs provides the technology that makes it as simple as possible for government agencies to find the files they need and delivery them to Canadians.”

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Data visualization dashboard

Break down institutional silos with full content oversight

Get a complete visual overview of your department or agency’s content with an interactive dashboard.

  • Find what you need. Explore your content by file format, storage location, age, and last update.
  • Advanced filtering. Filter by other parameters such as classification, tags, and specific data such as keywords, number formats, and other results based on the scope of your crawl.

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