How CIOs Can Pursue Opportunities to Unlock Greater Value

Leading companies drive business initiatives like improved customer experiences and increased efficiencies through complete data understanding. Tangential value includes improved security, privacy, and compliance.

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Borne out of several frank discussions with CIO Association of Canada members, drawing from a cross section of CIOs and information professionals from across Canada, we’ve uncovered how leading organizations are addressing their data management challenges.

  • Developed through conversations with the experts
  • How CIOs across Canada are rethinking their approach to data
  • The barriers CIOs are beginning to overcome 
  • Ways CIOs are working with data that they never thought possible before

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Watch Cheryl Smith’s 2022 CIO Session

Cheryl Smith quite literally wrote the book on Digital Transformation. She’s been a global CIO at McKesson Corporation, KeySpan Energy and WestJet Airlines. She’s also the co-founder of the CIO Institute and has served on the Advisory Boards for IBM and Oracle.

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