Stop struggling with your data – start connecting it.

Cognitive Suite is a software platform on which Shinydocs’ customers and partners powers their solutions.


Make more informed decisions

Connect all of your information so you can make more efficient and informed business decisions.

A comprehensive understanding

We arm you with a full understanding of your data, empowering you to tackle any data challenge with confidence.

Improved efficiencies

Make finding and accessing your data and maintaining records management processes easier.

Transform your business

By rethinking how data and documents are accessed and used, we transform how your business functions.

Gain full control of your data.

Shinydocs Cognitive Suite simplifies each step towards full data understanding. Choose from a combination of capabilities to get the most out of your data.

Gain the confidence to eliminate your ROT.

Find any content, anywhere, at anytime wherever it lives.

Move what files and documents you want, where you want.

Improve decision making, act with complete information.

Help to secure your documents where they live.

Add a level of compliance to your data ecosystem.

Identify and connect all of your content.

Make it easier than ever to bring your data into compliance.

Connect all of your data wherever it lives, into a unified ecosystem.

Identify all business critical documents, files and media.

Action your data to support the most pressing business challenges you face.

Powered by Cognitive Suite

Shinydocs Cognitive Suite powers our software solutions. Learn more here.

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