Understand and manage all your data with Artificial Intelligence.

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to bring order to your enterprise content

The old ways of consolidating your enterprise information into a singular monolith are outdated and no longer viable. With Cognitive Suite, you can identify critical information where it lives, uncover high-risk documents and deliver a single source of the truth.

It’s time to change your expectations of enterprise data value.

Benefits at a Glance

Machine Speed

Within minutes, start seeing your data visualized and ready for analysis


Value that Counts

Use data visualization to explore and understand data across all your repositories

New Business Intelligence

Power workflows, migrate documents and empower users to make better business decisions

How Can Cognitive Suite Help You?

Demystify your data

Cognitive Suite uses machine learning to minimize compliance risk and optimize your information for built-in advanced search capabilities. Identify business-critical documents and isolate high-risk information for a better understanding of your data.

Improve your document processes

With Cognitive Suite, you can retire the manual processes of file indexing, attribution and classification so end-users can focus on what matters most. Ensure access to a single version of the truth for all of your enterprise content to drive workflows and make better business decisions.

Start making decisions with your enterprise information

Turn your unmanaged files from a liability into an asset. Cognitive Suite leverages Artificial Intelligence to analyze your files and identify critical information while dispensing with obsolete, redundant and trivial information.

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Cognitive in Action: Preparing for Massive Data Growth with AgNovos Healthcare

Contending with an extremely large number of files for a small company, AgNovos Healthcare selected Shinydocs Cognitive Suite recognizing that using machine speed was the only manageable way to quickly and accurately identify duplicates files, remove them safely, and plan for a better structure for upcoming exponential data growth.

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