Data Identification for Legal Support, Audit and Compliance

Support compliance through identification.

Automate the process of identifying the files, documents, and media you need for legal support, audits and compliance. Save hours of per day of manual searching, reduce the risks associated with compliance and audits, while empowering your legal and compliance teams to handle matters proactively.

Start finding the data you need for legal, audits and compliance for $15,000 USD/year.

Do you have important data stored in different content services? Connect to services like Exchange Email, OpenText Content Suite and Documentum, Microsoft Sharepoint and M365, and more to power your legal support and compliance teams.

Your data understanding journey starts here.


Gain a complete picture, finding and connecting your data wherever it lives in your organization.


Automatically identify data that is relevant to specific legal support, audit or compliance requirements.


With access to all of the data, you will be able to confidently take action. Mount a complete legal defence confidently backed by the right documents, prepare for audits and protect your organization against compliance issues.

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