Congratulations ALGIM Finalist Dunedin City Council

Dunedin City Council (DCC) are finalists in the Information and Records Management category at the 2022 ALGIM Awards. The category recognizes local governments who have increased access to information while ensuring data governance and compliance. DCC introduced DCC Search, a global search solution, built on Shinydocs technologies.


DCC Search increased access to information for city employees and constituents.

Governments are racing to keep up with their constituents’ needs, and Dunedin City Council is working hard to stay in the lead. In November, DCC was recognized by the Association of Local Government Information Management (ALGIM) for introducing DCC Search. DCC Search is a search panel that employees can use to quickly find information stored across the city’s diverse storage locations – built on Shinydocs technologies. 

“Simply put, we wanted users to find their information quickly and easily, while adhering to our newly introduced privacy laws. Forming a successful partnership with Shinydocs, we established a new way of work which allows our users to instantly find any information, across any system. Together with Shinydocs we have delivered a solution which has simplified our users’ lives, made onboarding new staff more efficient and helped improve compliance and information accuracy.”
Graeme Riley
CIO at Dunedin City Council


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Easy global search. Strict compliance. No disruption to how employees work. This is what Dunedin City Council wanted for its unstructured data, and they worked with Shinydocs to make it happen. The result?

  • Saved $90K annually through their project
  • Improved productivity by saving 6,500 hours per week
  • Removed 1.7M duplicate files
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