Content Identification

Identify the content you need.

Automatically identify the files, documents, and media content, wherever it is, with Shinydocs Content Identification. The software finds the right information based upon specific document content, similarity, or your own content definitions (like finding people’s/location/company names or identifiers like purchase order numbers, work IDs, case IDs, asset IDs, and more).

Get started with Content Identification for as little as $15,000 USD/year.

Add connectors for content services like Exchange Email, OpenText Content Suite and Documentum, Microsoft Sharepoint and M365, and more for a complete content identification program.

Your data understanding journey starts here.


Gain a complete picture, finding and connecting your data wherever it lives in your organization.


Set your criteria to identify content based on what it is, like an invoice, or what it contains, like text, images, or drawings. You can customize your queries broadly or precisely based on your needs.


Once you know what content you have and where it is, you can manage it with confidence.

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