Visibility into all your files, documents, and media on one platform.

Monitor content across your organization with our data discovery platform and get insights to improve your business and manage risk.

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Get a complete inventory of your business content, wherever it is.

Shinydocs crawls your content repositories and then uses rules to identify and classify your files, documents, records, and media to create a regularly updated master content inventory. It is invisible to your employees and works in the background while your team focuses on their day jobs.

  • Detailed insights. Our software uses metadata crawling, text extraction, and optical character recognition to give you more context about your content.
  • The complete picture. Inventory content stored in file shares, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, OpenText, email servers, and more.


Explore your content with context.

Results of your unstructured data inventory are displayed on an interactive dashboard that allows you to explore what content you have by file format, storage location, age, last update, and other parameters such as classification, tags, and results based on the scope of your crawl.

  • Customized data visualizations. Filter, dig in, and ask questions of your data to get key context quickly.
  • Detailed reports. Let us build a customized report with recommendations on how you can action your content to get the most value.
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Continuously monitor content.

Monitor locations where content is created to continuously identify duplicate and obsolete files, spot security issues, maintain compliance, and manage your records and information more effectively.

  • Manage information governance in-place. Automatically classify and tag new content as it’s created.
  • Custom identification. Define custom rules based on the way you classify different content types to give you additional detail in your inventory.

See our data discovery software in action.

Shinydocs automates the process of finding and identifying content across your organization, wherever it is.

Discover content wherever it’s created.

Build an ongoing inventory of content, wherever users create it across your organization. The inventory includes content in file shares, network drives, personal drives and systems like:



How our customers get value from Shinydocs Discover

Our unique combination of software and strategy has been developed alongside customers to ensure your ongoing success with unstructured data projects.

We work hard to ensure that implementation runs smoothly with minimal resources from your team. Our knowledgeable team can help apply best practices and strategic guidance to your initiatives.

Jay Hitchcock, Director of Digital Transformation Office at Bruce Power

“Visibility is everything. If we didn’t have Shinydocs, there’s no way we could have disseminated what was in all those shares to make business decisions on data. It’s probably the most transformative thing that we’ve done digitally.”

Jay Hitchcock, Director of the Digital Transformation Office

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Get the full picture with data discovery.

Who said unstructured data management has to be overwhelming? With Shinydocs, you get full visibility over all your files, documents, and media so you can easily manage the data you know about, and the data you don’t.

Before Shinydocs Discover

  • Hunt through multiple repositories to find the latest version of a file
  • Mobilize teams of staff to respond to important information requests
  • Decisions are only partially data-driven using the 20% data that is structured and usable
  • Employees resist records management policies because they feel inconvenient
  • It’s difficult to attest to compliance with standards, guidelines, and regulations

After Shinydocs Discover

  • You always know what content you have and where it is
  • One admin can find all relevant content in seconds
  • Decisions are made with the full context and knowledge of your organization
  • Records are classified automatically as new content is added to your repositories
  • Confidently attest to compliance by using your complete content inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

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