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Data Intelligence 101

Understanding your data is critical to business growth. This may seem like a straightforward concept, but many companies struggle to make good use of their information. Oftentimes, companies don’t know the benefits of complete data understanding or why it’s so crucial to their business.

In this first webinar of the Data Understanding Series, we start from the beginning, helping to shed light on data understanding, why it’s crucial to your business and, importantly, how to get started.

In Data Intelligence 101, learn:

  • The importance of data understanding
  • What understanding your data means to your business
  • How to understand your data: determine your baseline, identify and crawl, and cleanse
Featured Speaker
Davey Slimmon, VP, Customer Success

This is the first in a series of educational webinars Shinydocs will be running over the coming months through Shinydocs Academy.

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