Move content faster with automated data migration.

Move your files, documents, records, and media sooner to get value from new systems faster and store content in the right locations.

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Get a detailed inventory before migrating.

Our software builds an inventory of the content across your organization to provide a full view of what you have and where it needs to be moved. Our interactive dashboards allow you to explore your content in detail.

  • Stay informed: Your inventory gives you a complete overview of your content, so you can make informed decisions about what to migrate, where it needs to be moved, and when to complete your migration.
  • Avoid problems: Identify problems like filepath and special character exceptions, so you can fix them before migration and get your migration done right the first time.


Only migrate what matters.

Identify redundant, obsolete, and trivial files so you can avoid moving clutter from your old systems into your new system.

  • Custom rules: Use the Shinydocs built-in content identification rules to find unneeded files, or define your own rules based on your business needs.
  • Identify unneeded files. Redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data is displayed on your dashboard, so you can understand what ROT you have, where it lives, and how much exists.
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automated DATA migration

Move content as it’s created.

Automatically migrate existing content from multiple sources to your new destination. Set up a recurring schedule so content can be migrated as it’s created, until you shut down old systems. 

  • Custom mapping. Organize your new system from day one by mapping metadata and folders from all sources to your new destination.
  • Set your schedule. Choose a custom migration schedule that makes sense to your business.

Our data migration software in action.

Shinydocs automates the process of finding and identifying content across your organization, wherever it is.

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How our customers get value from Shinydocs migration

Our unique combination of software and strategy has been developed alongside customers to ensure your ongoing success with unstructured data projects.

We work hard to ensure that implementation runs smoothly with minimal resources from your team. Our knowledgeable team can help apply best practices and strategic guidance to your initiatives.


”We have full confidence in Shinydocs to deliver results that drive business value.”

Jim Shimp, CIO

File migrations just got easier.

With Shinydocs, you can take the headache out of moving content. Accelerate your projects and quickly get value from new systems faster with automated data migration.

Before Shinydocs Migrate

  • Migrations are slow because you have to manually sort and move files
  • Exceptions stall your data migration projects or even force you to start over
  • Inconsistent metadata and folder mapping causes disorganization in the new system
  • Redundant, obsolete, and trivial content gets moved and creates clutter

After Shinydocs

  • Automated data migrations let you return to revenue-generating work
  • Exceptions are handled proactively to ensure a successful migration
  • You have ongoing, automated migrations until you can shut down old systems
  • Metadata and folder hierarchies get mapped from source to destination
  • You know what content can be kept or deleted, keeping your new system clean

Frequently Asked Questions

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