Data Preparation for Artificial Intelligence

Without training or specialized software, Shinydocs enables your predictive AI models with automatically classified information that becomes the source material for generative AI and chatbots.

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Generative AI models require large volumes of high quality data, which is hard to prepare.

Generative AI results are only as good as the information model that is used to power them. In the race to gain a competitive business advantage with generative AI, knowing how to harness and feed the right information to your AI model has never been more critical. It has also never been harder. 

The majority of your institutional knowledge, context, and insights are largely untapped and inaccessible by AI models because, by their nature, valuable information hidden in files has not been identified, extracted, classified, and prepared for use. When combined with the exponential content sprawl across diverse enterprise architectures, the work for the average organization to gain a competitive advantage with AI by curating their own recent, relevant, and accurate information is far out of reach.


Shinydocs Gives You the Tools to Automate the Preparation of Your Data for AI

Shinydocs automates and accelerates the hardest part of preparing for AI: gathering your data and classifying vast amounts of information. Shinydocs makes it simple to apply advanced identification techniques and customized queries across huge amounts of information to find and extract data for use by your AI model.

Shinydocs gives you full control over data privacy and the confidentiality of sensitive data, trade secrets, and other confidential information with out-of-the-box and customizable data governance rules that automatically separate this information from the information available for use by the AI model.


Accelerate the implementation of AI Models with Automation and Gain a Competitive Advantage Faster

It is easier than you think to start building your competitive advantage with a continuously updated AI model using your own recent, relevant, and accurate business content. With Shinydocs automating the preparation of your data, you get fast time-to-value, confidence in AI results, the privacy of a closed-loop system, relevant and precise responses, and full visibility and control of how the model is driven without being locked into a specific vendor.

Over time, the AI model becomes more powerful in the background as Shinydocs continuously maintains the underlying information set for accuracy and relevancy with continuous content discovery and automated classification. On a daily basis, new content is found and tagged as it is created and content that is no longer relevant is removed.

The Value

Fast time-to-value and Control:
Using open-source software and models, organizations can use Shinydocs to rapidly prepare data and begin to implement and refine their AI model without locking in to a third-party vendor.

Confidence in AI Results:
Information discovery, classification, and tagging rules can be written with the expressed purpose of powering an AI model and be tailored to deliver responses based on specific business needs and desired competitive advantage.

Privacy and Compliance:
The business has full control of information used to power their AI model with data governance rules to control access permissions, sensitive data, and irrelevant content. Responding to audits or demonstrating compliance is fast and easy because the model is entirely built and maintained in-house with full transparency.

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