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Empower your teams with enhanced search capabilities

A better way to find information that matters

Our search tools utilize a familiar interface for advanced enterprise search. This makes it easier than ever to find meaningful information across multiple repositories, all in one place.

Machine Speed

Within minutes, start seeing your data visualized and ready for analysis

Value that Counts

Use data visualization to explore and understand data across all your repositories.

New Business Intelligence

Power workflows, migrate documents and empower employees to make better business decisions.

Content without access is worthless and, in the worst-case scenario, might even be a liability. Shinydocs unlocks your content so your organization can enable users to find the information they need from anywhere, in any format, from anywhere inside their company – in databases or any other document management system.

With our Cognitive Suite solution, we are able to crawl across the various shared drives and corporate repositories inside an organization in order to build a unified search experience in the browser. 

Federated search is a technique used to search multiple data sources at once, which alone can be very powerful. Our tools do even more than that, however. Not only do we offer federated search across all corporate data, but our tools allow users to enrich their data with values that are meaningful for their own business needs. This can drive even greater business value for an organization.

The most obvious difference is Google is intended to search the web, whereas our search tools are designed to search through internal documents behind a firewall and in various repositories. Google also doesn’t consider permissions – it returns the same results for User A as it does for User B. Shinydocs ensures that if a user does not have access to see the file on the file system or in the content repository, they also will not see the file via our search tools. 

People are finding documents they didn’t know they had!

Vice President , Canada’s largest oil and gas company

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