Moving the Needle for The Business – with Gerry Guilbeault and Jed Cawthorne

New information is being captured daily. Enterprises are no longer focused on storage and backup; instead, information governance professionals are now focusing on automation, and analytics to move the needle for businesses. In this special edition of Enterprise Intelligence, host Jason Cassidy welcomes Gerry Guilbeault and Jed Cawthorne to a roundtable discussion about the future of the industry and the ways information governance can drive business value.

About Gerry Guilbeault

Gerry Guilbeault specializes in process improvement and information management. He currently works as the Director for Records and Information Management at CIBC US. Gerry has over a decade worth of experience in the industry. His extensive resume includes roles at Pitney Bowes Management Services, and Telespectrum Worldwide. His dedication resulted in him becoming an AIIM International Certified Information Professional in 2016. He’s also been a loyal customer to Shinydocs, and has worked closely with Jason to help meet CIBC’s ECM needs.

About Jed Cawthorne

Jed Cawthorne specializes in information and knowledge management. He currently resides in the role of Principal Product Manager at NetDocuments. Jed has worked in both business and technology divisions, with the goal of bridging the IT and business divide. On top of that, Jed has worked closely with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies to assist in curriculum development, course development and presentation activities. Like Gerry, Jed was also awarded with the honor of becoming a Certified Information Professional for AIIM international in 2018.

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