ERP Data Network

Shinydocs no-code networking uses your ERP as a blueprint to enrich unstructured data.

Use your lead applications to create a network of data

Shinydocs brings ERP information to your unstructured content. It’s a no-code, migration-free data network between your ERP system and all your corporate content. Unlock your dark data and connect every business object, account and asset to its supporting files, documentation and more. Make it faster and easier to find the information you need to accelerate the decision-making process.

According to Forrester, a unified, enterprise-wide system of extended content management and master data governance will help capital-intensive organizations seize an extra $17.7 million U.S. over the next three years.

Benefits at a glance

What if you could create a network of data-informed by your lead application across all your file shares at scale in weeks instead of years? What if you could accomplish this without requiring data scientists, millions in consultancy fees and extensive development efforts? With Shinydocs, it’s never been faster and easier to retrieve the information you need across all your systems to improve and accelerate the decision-making process.

Zero-Migration Effort

Connect multiple systems that manage key processes and bring lead application information to your unstructured content.

Fastest Speed to Value

Create a network of data informed by lead applications in weeks instead of years, sidestepping millions in consultancy fees

Comprehensive Insight

Bridge information silos, connect processes to content and improve decision making based on all your enterprise content.

No-Code Networking

End-users can connect structured content to unstructured content, adding context and enriching data in place

Improve Findability

Integrated frameworks connect business objects to supporting files to improve and accelerate the decision-making process

Mitigate Risk

Extend your ERP system and connect processes to content to ensure the right information is available at the right time.

Connecting asset information drives better maintenance strategies, improves operational efficiencies, increases uptime, reduces costs and connects people, data and tasks. Shinydocs works to understand your entire data ecosystem and make your existing applications better able to deliver on their investment. We ensure your content is ready for incoming innovation.

Shinydocs uses information from your lead business systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Maximo and more to inform content across the enterprise. All this is done with a no-code, zero migration effort that can enrich previously dark data sitting in file shares with your ERP information.

Connect your content silos to provide context, improve findability and improve the decision making process armed with all your enterprise information.

While your ERP system can effectively manage and interpret data from business activities, it is only working with a sliver of the information available to the organization. Dark data sitting in file shares is otherwise invisible to the organization and can provide much-needed additional context ERP information. That added visibility improves decision making, increases productivity, ensures compliance and boosts findability across all your repositories.

Wrestling with scattered repositories storing disparate data formats that combine business-critical information with low-quality redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data at a scale beyond human capacity to manage usually means protracted engagements running in the millions with little chance of true success. A no-code, zero migration effort that automates the process of cleaning up dark data and bringing value to the information instead of migrating it to another system is the only hope to delivering a network.

Shinydocs have gone the extra mile

In supporting us through a challenging migration project, Shinydocs have gone the extra mile to assist in every way possible. They have always been open and honest about the product roadmap and are ready with advice on getting the best results from their applications.
Loraine Bainbridge
 IM Technical Consultant, Techtonics

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