Find Sensitive Data and PII for Data Privacy

Shinydocs finds PII and sensitive data contained in the content stored across your organization so it can be secured.

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The Problem

Content Sprawl Creates Risk when Sensitive Data is Stored in the Wrong Places

When content organically grows across various storage locations, it makes it difficult for individual users to quickly find the information they need and creates risk for the organization. Even with controls and policies in place for managing sensitive data in systems of record, human nature, convenience, and collaboration can put these controls at risk.

Sensitive information like credit cards and bank account numbers, driver’s license numbers, tax information, social security numbers, and patient identification numbers can be easily shared and stored in network drives, through MS Teams, on device hard drives, in email attachments, and on SharePoint, and OneDrive.

The impacts of not proactively securing this information are many, including increased compliance risk, increased resource requirements to respond to audits, significant financial penalties, and the risk of data breaches which can cause reputation and brand damage and directly impact revenue and customer retention.

The Solution

Proactively find and fix misplaced sensitive information

Shinydocs continuously discovers sensitive information that is stored in the wrong repositories and enables you to operationally execute rectification policies that can be applied to ensure compliance. Out-of-the-box and customizable rules that match specific regulatory requirements, data protection policies, and unique business need can be applied to continuously monitor for sensitive data and PII so it can be rectified based on the specific requirements of the organization or industry.

The Benefit

Pass your data governance and compliance audits with confidence and protect against data breaches.

Deduplication and retiring obsolete content can reduce content surface area and risk exposure by 30% to 60%. Additionally, proactive measures to identify PII in content outside of secure repositories can be done and moved to a more secure location, further reducing risk exposure. By continuously monitoring and ensuring that PII and sensitive information is properly secured, the business has a strengthened ability to respond to audits, meet compliance requirements, and protect against data breaches.


Low-touch, high impact automation of discovering and rectifying improperly stored PII and sensitive data. Fast response and reduced resources to prepare for audits and respond to audit findings.

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