Seamless Migration

Manage your information migration with zero end-user disruptions

Migrate and Eliminate Your File Shares

Find unstructured information wherever it exists, eliminate redundant, obsolete and trivial files, and migrate it to your ECM or cloud repository.

No Disruption Migration

Document migration shouldn’t prevent users from working. With Shinydocs, users can keep working, even when migrating.

Fastest Speed to Value

Within minutes, start moving files into a knowledge management solution. No consulting or maintenance work…it just works

No Limits on File Types

You aren’t limited to what you can migrate. Move linked files such as AutoCad and linked Excel

Fully Compliant

Once migrated, your files have an audit history, version control, and user-managed permissions


Save Money

We offer the most affordable migration solutions on the market today

We’re Always Ready to Help

Our team is here to help. We’ve got an excited team to help you move files

Our modern solution crawls through your databases and file shares to dynamically gather intelligence about your enterprise information, wherever it resides. By analyzing metadata, permissions, file attributes and full-text information, it can act on your information and migrate relevant content. Meanwhile, your accumulated digital redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) information is dispensed with. This all happens without disrupting your end-users.

Shinydocs Migration moves enterprise information from file shares and legacy systems to the cloud or your ECM. Full fidelity including create dates, modify dates and permissions is maintained. Duplicate, trivial and temporary files are identified.

Unlike other solutions that require professional services and prohibitively expensive set-up costs, Shinydocs Migration is a pure software solution requiring one hour up front work prior to delivering the best process in the world.

Migrate relevant information to the cloud, ECM or even hybrid solutions with clarity and confidence. All of your files now have an audit history, version history, user managed permissions, classifications and reporting providing eDiscovery for compliance with regulations like GDPR.

Shinydocs have gone the extra mile

In supporting us through a challenging migration project, Shinydocs have gone the extra mile to assist in every way possible. They have always been open and honest about the product roadmap and are ready with advice on getting the best results from their applications.
Loraine Bainbridge
 IM Technical Consultant, Techtonics

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