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Oil & Gas companies are managing their data, regardless of connectivity with Shinydocs

Maintaining capital projects are expensive. Customers look to cost-saving solutions to lower costs and improve productivity. ECM software provides organizations with tremendous value, but the cost of this software is ballooning. Documents contain vital safety information and information to maintain operations but are difficult for users to find.

Shinydocs High Performance Enterprise Library (HPEL) installs in less than an hour with caching disks to access the most critical information. Shinydocs HPEL saves infrastructure costs, hours of maintenance, and improves productivity.  Shinydocs HPEL eliminates the complexity and costs of site-level upgrades by scraping and caching a centralized ECM at the site level

Take a look at how we’ve helped two large organizations maintain operations and improve productivity through connectivity disaster.

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How your company manages its information should not mean changing how you work. Our solutions intelligently and seamlessly optimize digital enterprise processes to reduce costs, improve performance and enhance security.

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