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Automatically classify records, wherever they are created.

Do your records management in-place. Our software automates the identification and classification of records as they are created across the organization.

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Layer records management capabilities on top of all your content sources.

Your users create content in many locations across your organization, inside and outside of your system of record, making it hard to manage records as they are created.

Users want to keep their existing workflows

Teams work in the ways that feel convenient and efficient, which means they create and use content in a variety of locations across the business, not just where it can be managed.

You need oversight and data governance

You need to achieve your information governance goals, while ensuring your users have efficient tools to get their work done – this can be difficult without the proper solution.

Content is growing faster than ever

It’s becoming harder and harder to keep up with the growth of content created by your organization, especially if you have to classify and move content as it is created.


Get complete control of your content.

Build an inventory of content across your organization, then automatically classify and move records as needed.

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Automated records management including classification and migration

Use custom rules to automatically identify records based on your governance structure. The software uses the same rules to classify, tag, and migrate records as they are created.

Defensible disposition

View redundant, obsolete, and trivial content in a user-friendly records management dashboard, so you can confidently dispose of, archive, or migrate these files.


Efficiency and productivity for you and your users.

Automate time-consuming tasks without disrupting your users.

Convenient records identification and classification

Your employees want to work in the way that’s most efficient for them. Our software runs behind the scenes, invisible to anyone at your organization. Automate records identification and classification without disrupting your users.

Task automation

Trying to organize records from storage locations across the business is a waste of your time, especially when new content is constantly created. Automate the identification, classification, and migration of records, so you can focus on improving your records management processes instead.

Data-backed decisions

Understand what kinds of files you have, who owns them, and where they live. Find all of your redundant, obsolete, and trivial files, so you can confidently decide what to delete and support your defensible disposition strategy. 

illustration of file contents being automatically identified and classified for records management

Ready to analyze your business content?

This report offers an overview and a step-by-step guide for creating an inventory, so you can identify redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data and drive productivity. 

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