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You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Visualize all your data in one convenient and powerful interface

It’s comprehensive content understanding across your entire enterprise ecosystem. Identify business critical information, pinpoint sensitive documents and uncover all the digital ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial files) with in-depth visualizations.

Get a full understanding of your data

Don’t stay in the dark. Our solutions can show you how fast your data is growing, how old it is and where it resides, all with minimal training

Analyze your data with reports and visualizations

Accessing robust analytics doesn’t need to be difficult or cumbersome. Our dynamic reports and dashboards are easy to understand at a glance and are visually appealing

Design reports based on your needs

Your organization is unique, and so are your business goals and needs. With Shinydocs, you can develop reports and dashboards specifically catered to your organization

Before you can do anything with your data, you need to understand it. Powered by artificial intelligence Shinydocs crawls through massive amounts of data at machine speed across all your repositories to generate an index. Our modern solution then generates in-depth dashboards and reports empowering users with a comprehensive view of their entire enterprise content ecosystem.

We can connect and crawl your scattered file shares, cloud repositories and legacy systems to create a comprehensive index of information. Once this has been created, you’ll have a variety of tools at your disposal that will enable you to identify ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial files), enrich data in-place with the addition of document metadata and much more. Plus, with our robust Visualizer tool, you’ll have a plethora of dashboards and reports available at your fingertips for powerful visualizations.

We have a wide variety of dashboards that can be used to help to understand your data. Some show how much data you actually have, while others highlight what information has been successfully migrated to your ECM software. There are many more available right out of the box, of course. However, the real power of these dashboards is that they are each constructed of individual visualizations that are all linked together. This means you can do things like click on an insight you have added and immediately see the associated total storage (by type), number of files, dates (in handy histogram charts), number of duplicates and so on. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Generally, it is usually a straightforward process to customize these reports to your needs. However, our customer support team is ready to assist users if they need additional support.

I advise all my customers to use Shinydocs going forward because of the simplicity and power [of their solutions]

Vibeke Kristiansen, CEO, Strator

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