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Data Understanding Series

Data Enrichment Part 1

When you don’t understand the composition, function or potential of data, it can seem like a foreign language. That’s why we created our Data Understanding webinar series to help demystify data, and everything that goes along with it.

So far, we’ve tackled the basics in our first two sessions – Data Intelligence 101 and Navigating Your Data (we encourage you to watch those if you haven’t yet). In our next session, we’re exploring the fundamentals of data enrichment.

Watch Data Enrichment Part 1 to learn:

  • The importance of structured and unstructured data as it relates to your organization
  • A brief history of how we’ve come to understand both forms of data
  • How combining and enriching these forms of data can unlock business insights
Featured Speaker
Davey Slimmon, VP, Customer Success

This is the third in a series of educational webinars Shinydocs will be running over the coming months through Shinydocs Academy.

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