Automotive and Manufacturing

Streamline the design and documentation process.

Speed up collaboration and innovation with an inventory of your business content that makes finding documents from engineering drawings to invoices as easy as using your favourite web search engine.

Unstructured data is the key to industry 4.0

Unstructured data will fuel the fourth industrial revolution. Shinydocs can help move the revolution forward by connecting to multiple content sources and allowing you to understand and enrich it, so you can easily find key content and enable efficient processes.

Streamline operations

Achieve faster, more streamlined manufacturing processes by finding the information you need, when you need it.

Stay compliant

Comply with regulatory requirements with easy access to documentation.

Accelerate innovation

Gain full control of critical project files and innovate faster by making your unstructured data visible and findable.

Data discovery for Automotive and manufacturing

Get a complete inventory of your unstructured data.

Shinydocs crawls your content repositories and then uses rules to identify and classify your project files, documents, reports, and media to create a regularly updated master content inventory. Your unstructured data is then displayed on an interactive dashboard to make managing it easy.

  • Detailed insights. Our software uses metadata crawling, text extraction, and optical character recognition to give you more context about your content.
  • The complete picture. Inventory content stored in file shares, email attachments, MS Teams, Sharepoint , OpenText, and more.
  • Visualize your data. View your financial business content in an easy-to-read dashboard that can be filtered based on your criteria.
Juliet Ibekwe

Account Executive

“Projects in the oil and gas industry require significant amounts of documentation. To make projects run more smoothly and to ensure compliance, these organizations need a streamlined way to manage their unstructured data, so they have complete visibility over their files, documents, and records.”

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enterprise search for automotive and manufacturing

Find the files you need, when you need them.

Give employees a user-friendly enterprise search experience where they can find content across the business from one centralized search panel. Access permissions are inherited from your connected content sources, so users can only access authorized content.

  • Everyone can find what they need, fast. Empower your people with lightning fast enterprise search with peace of mind that information is properly accessed and used.
  • Clean, easy to navigate results. An individual user’s search results are not cluttered by irrelevant content.

data migration for automotive and manufacturing

Move content faster with automated data migration.

Automatically migrate existing content from multiple sources to your new destination. Set up a recurring schedule so content can be migrated as it’s created, until you shut down old systems.

  • Identify unneeded files. Redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data is displayed on your dashboard, so you can understand what ROT you have, where it lives, and how much exists.
  • Custom mapping. Organize your new system from day one by mapping metadata and folders from all sources to your new destination.

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