Terms and Conditions – CIOCAN Spotlight Program, Meet Me in the Middle Kingston 2022

Purchase requirements: No purchase necessary.

Technical requirements: Internet access required, applicable computer hardware and a technical administrator to support deployment, file folder or shared drive content meets the requirements and compatibility with Shinydocs software connectors.

Contest eligibility. Must be a member of the CIO Association of Canada and attendees of the CIO Association of Canada Meet Me In The Middle: Kingston event. Must reside in North America. Must be over the age of 18.

Methods of entry. Ballot received in-person at the CIO Association of Canada Meet in the Middle: Kingston event. To be entered into the draw, the contestant must return their completed ballot to a member of the Shinydocs staff.

Conditions to satisfy before participants can win: Must answer a skill testing question and sign a liability release.

Privacy notice: Shinydrive does not collect or store sensitive or potentially sensitive information for use. As a result consent practices, both express, implied and opt-out are inapplicable. There are currently no employees who see or process information, there is no personal information in paper format, and no personal information in electronic format. We will monitor collection practices on an ongoing basis with bi-annual risk assessments and adjust accordingly to create operational policies and procedures consistent with data privacy requirements and operational risk management objectives.

Precise contest times, dates, and duration. Contest will run from 12AM EST on September 22nd 2022 and conclude at 2:59PM EST on September 23rd 2022. All ballots must be returned by 2:59PM EST on September 23rd 2022 to be eligible for the draw.

Circumstances, time, and place of winner selection. The winning ballot will be drawn at random by a member of the Shinydocs staff or CIOCan staff between 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM EST on September 23rd 2022 and announced during the closing remarks of the event. 

How alternate winners will be selected. At the time of the draw, first and second runners up will be chosen and documented in the event that the winner does not accept the free Shinydocs Spotlight Program offer.

Odds of Winning: Approximately one in 80.

A detailed, complete, and full description of prizes and their value. The will work with the Shinydocs team to receive: (i) scan and index 1TB of file folder content; (ii) Receive a detailed catalog of the content stored within selected 1TB file folder; (iii)  data visualizations that identify redundant, obsolete, and trivial content and other metadata; (iv) 1 year software and services subscription with option to renew. This prize is valued at $50,000 CAD.

General prize conditions. The Spotlight Project must be kicked-off by Nov 30, 2022 with an ideal completion within 90 days by Feb 28, 2023. 

Products involved in the contest. Shinydocs Cognitive Suite and Content Cleanup, or other solution output as arranged with Shinydocs. 

Rules about intellectual property: Shinydocs Spotlight Program is subject to the standard Shinydocs Terms of Service located at: https://shinydocs.com/terms-of-service/

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