Data Management

Data Enrichment Part 1

So far, we’ve tackled the basics in our first two sessions – Data Intelligence 101 and Navigating Your Data. In Data Enrichment Part 1, we’re exploring the fundamentals of data enrichment.

Navigating Your Data

In Navigating Your Data, we dive deeper into the complexities of data. Building off Data Intelligence 101, we explore redundant, obsolete and trivial data, and why disposing of it is necessary. We also explore concepts relating to mapping your data, and discuss the power of allowing your teams to search across all your data.

Haven’t Implemented a Digital Transformation? You’re Not Alone.

You read about it all the time: data is an asset, it’s important, and it’s crucial to your business. The literature is clear, there is no debate that leveraging business and organizational data is essential to business growth. What is less obvious, however, is how to actually access and draw insights out of data.  Think …

Haven’t Implemented a Digital Transformation? You’re Not Alone. Read More »

Data Intelligence 101

In this first webinar of the Data Understanding Series, we start from the beginning, helping to shed light on data understanding, why it’s crucial to your business and, importantly, how to get started.

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