What is the Enterprise Search “F” Word?

The greatest trick the Internet ever played was convincing organizations that “searching” is the same as “finding.” Learn how a modern Enterprise Search solution can help your organization manage its unstructured data, so your employees can find the information they need faster. 

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Over half of employees say they waste time searching for the files they need to work. Today’s organizations tend to put the burden of enterprise content management on employees by mandating specific tools and processes.

This eBook breaks down what it takes to move from searching to finding by tackling: 

  • The difference between searchability and findability
  • The challenges of traditional enterprise content solutions
  • The necessary features of a modern enterprise search solution
  • How to create an inventory of your content and use metadata to make files easily findable

This FREE eBook offers a launching point for organizations eager to make finding their content easier.

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Find content across your organization in seconds with Enterprise Search.

Implement a user-friendly search experience so that employees can quickly and easily find content across your entire business—with proper permissions, wherever it’s stored.


“I didn’t know where the documents were, but I knew what information I needed to do my job. With Search in seconds, I have the document I need. This has made it so easy to find information without knowing complex folder structures. It’s a total new way of work.”

Jane McKnight, Exhibitions and Collections Manager

Get started building a modern search experience in less than 30 days

Our Content Landscape Assessment can give you insights into how to improve the findability of your data. You can get started with your project without diving into a multi-million-dollar, enterprise-wide program.

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