Get value from data you know of, and dark data you don’t.

For most organizations, structured data only makes up 20% of all business data, which means decisions are only partially data driven. Uncover your unstructured data with Shinydocs.

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What is Unstructured Data?

Unstructured data encompasses diverse formats like emails, videos, and social media content, lacking a fixed schema for easy storage or analysis. It presents both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses to harness insights through advanced analytical tools. Efficiently managed, it can unlock significant value, driving innovation and informed decision-making.

Uncover hidden insights in your unstructured data.

Structured data represents a small part of most organizations’ data. The insights hidden in your unstructured data, like documents, files, and media, are pivotal to making business decisions with confidence.

Incomplete data makes decisions difficult

Your team needs confidence that important business decisions are made with all the available information. Excluding unstructured data from decision making means leaving potentially crucial insights behind.

It takes forever to find what you need

When you need to make a business decision, tracking down the right data can feel impossible. Often, the info you need is buried in documents, which can mean spending hours searching before you can perform your analysis.

Unstructured data is underutilized

Many organizations rely on CRMs or ERPs for data-driven decision-making. The problem is that these systems use drop-down lists, pre-selected options, and free form text fields that are difficult to filter, sort, and analyze – leaving context and valuable data on the table.


Unlock the power of your unstructured data.

Get an inventory of unstructured data across your organization, then connect it to structured data for a complete picture.

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Powerful enterprise search

Find specific data from your inventory for analysis, like data related to a particular customer, employee, line of business, and more. Be as specific or as broad as you need to find data.

Connect unstructured data to structured data

Export unstructured data from your Shinydocs inventory and import it into Power BI, Tableau, or other analysis tools to combine it with structured data for a comprehensive analysis.

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Improved decision making across your business.

Work with complete data to provide insights to every area of your business.

Stronger data analysis

Whether making micro decisions for a particular business unit or macro decisions across the whole business, complete data will enable a stronger analysis.

Complete data in business systems

Completing the data in systems like your CRM or ERP allows stakeholders to make more informed decisions quickly, while improving forecasting abilities based on complete system data.

Faster data operations

Your data team can respond faster to requests from across the business by simply querying your unstructured data inventory, instead of spending hours sifting through documents to find what they need, so your people can make faster decisions.

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Ready to analyze your business content?

This report offers an overview and a step-by-step guide for creating an inventory, so you can identify redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data and drive productivity. 

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