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Safeguard Your Client Data with iManage and Shinydocs Pro

See how Shinydocs Pro helps iManage customers efficiently protect client data and responsibly manage client files, within iManage, file shares, email, MS Teams, and more.

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Learn Five Ways that Shinydocs Pro can Strengthen Information Governance in iManage.

Ensure the integrity and accessibility of your sensitive data with our upcoming webinar on the iManage connector for Shinydocs Pro. Learn actionable strategies to:

  • Identify PII Everywhere
    Discover how to effortlessly locate Personally Identifiable Information both within and outside of iManage systems, securing data and client trust.
  • Monitor Policy Adherence
    Determine which team members are not following data storage policies by tracing incorrect data placements.
  • Optimize iManage Cloud Storage Costs
    Reclaim storage space in your iManage cloud by deduplicating files and removing irrelevant and outdated content.
  • Recover Crucial Documents
    Uncover important sensitive documents, like Closing Books and Briefing Notes that are misplaced in emails, laptops, or file shares, and not saved within iManage.
  • Find and Prepare Data for Migration
    Identify and tag records for migration into iManage and efficiently move important records and then clean-up the rest.

Jim Barnet

“As the digital landscape evolves, so does the complexity of data management and the importance of robust security measures. iManage is a trusted and robust document management system, but no system is perfect. Join this webinar to see how Shinydocs Pro works with iManage to give you the peace of mind that your client data is easily accessed and fully protected.

Jim Barnet
Your Host and Information Governance Consultant

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