Managing Content Sprawl and Achieving Legal Excellence in Law Firms

Webinar on Demand

Join Shinydocs and three expert panelists as we explore key topics on how law firm operations can enable high quality client services while navigating the complexities of risk and information governance. 

Safeguard Your Client Data with iManage and Shinydocs Pro

Webinar on Demand

See how Shinydocs Pro helps iManage customers efficiently protect client data and responsibly manage client files, within iManage, file shares, email, MS Teams, and more.

No Sensitive Content Left Behind: Search and Secure PII and Private Data Everywhere

Webinar on Demand

This informative session by Shinydocs will provide you with actionable insights on how to effectively protect your organization’s sensitive data not only within M365, but also beyond.

Executing Your Data Strategy with Confidence: Enhancing File Share Performance and Privacy

Webinar on Demand

In this session, Jim Barnet will demonstrate how to boost the performance and privacy of your file shares today, giving you the time and peace of mind to execute your data strategy tomorrow.

Webinar advertisement for the From File Shares to Freedom Shinydocs Webinar

Webinar: From File Shares to Freedom

Webinar on Demand

Discover the 4.5 ways to strengthen the security and governance of your File Share Network without creating massive disruption for your users.

Jason Cassidy from Shinydocs will prepare your data for AI

Workshop: Prepare Your Data for AI

Webinar On Demand

In this workshop, Shinydocs CEO Jason Cassidy will guides panelists in real-time through the steps required to prepare your data for your AI outcomes. You will follow along firsthand as panelists demonstrate their results each step of the way.

Webinar: Reputation Under Review

Webinar On Demand

In this webinar, Shinydocs experts Jim Barnet and Dan Phillips will demonstrate how automated data discovery helps organizations stay compliant no matter how much data they have and how widespread it is. 

the information supremacy webinar information

Panel Webinar: The Information Supremacy

Webinar On Demand

Information management industry powerhouses Jed Cawthorne, Ilona Koti, and Steve Weissman discuss the interesting and potentially polarizing data from the 2023 AIIM Industry Watch survey and Shinydocs’ own industry survey.

Webinar: Findability Fuel

Webinar On Demand

In this webinar, Shinydocs Principal Evangelist and information management expert Jed Cawthorne explains what it takes to fuel world-class enterprise search.

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