Jason Cassidy from Shinydocs will prepare your data for AI

Shinydocs recorded workshop

Prepare Your Data for AI

In this workshop, Shinydocs CEO Jason Cassidy will guides panelists in real-time through the steps required to prepare your data for your AI outcomes. You will follow along firsthand as panelists demonstrate their results each step of the way.

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Learn How To Prepare your Content for AI:
Start to finish in 60 minutes

  • The Easy First Steps
    Learn the immediate actions you can take today to collect and train your data to drive AI outcomes.
  • Strategies for AI Ethics Compliance
    Have complete confidence in your AI outcomes by understanding and  managing your data inputs.
  • Become an Expert, not a Spectator
    Get useful tips, techniques, and best practices to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the AI landscape.
  • Preparing Your Data for AI
    Understand the critical role of the information manager to prepare data and information for various AI outcomes.
  • Use AI to find, classify, and respond
    Create valuable outcomes such as finding data within content, classifying files, and generating answers to questions.

Jason Cassidy


Jason Cassidy

“With rapid advancements in AI technology, you don’t need to observe from the sidelines and speculate. You  gain an advantage by rolling-up your sleeves and jumping right in. Building your first useful AI models is easier than you think.

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FAQ – Preparing Your Data for AI

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