Find, understand, and action all your unstructured data.

Shinydocs software creates an inventory of the content stored across your organization and enables you to quickly find information, automatically govern files, migrate efficiently, and maximize value as your data grows.

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A new way to gain business insights

Shinydocs’ information management software crawls both your structured and unstructured data sources and delivers the insights you need to drive your business.


Solutions for your information management goals.

Files, documents, records, and the information in between. Shinydocs can help you effectively manage all your content to reduce risk and improve processes, no matter what unstructured data challenges you’re facing.

Graeme Riley, CIO of Dunedin City Council

“With Shinydocs, we established a new way of work which allows our users to instantly find any information, across any system. Shinydocs has simplified our users’ lives, made onboarding new staff more efficient, and helped improve compliance and information accuracy.”

Graeme Riley, CIO

Shinydocs Booklet titled Addressing Your Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial Data

Initiate a metadata analysis to identify unneeded files.

Using our free report, you can begin addressing your redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data that clutters up storage and slows productivity.

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