Your staff’s ability to find the information they need is the best predictor of success for your information management program.

When you choose Shinydocs to automatically do privacy and compliance tasks for you, you get the amazing search that will make you famous in your organization in a good way. 

Your staff and leadership’s ability to find the information they need to do their job is the key deliverable that gets them excited about your information management program. 

When you tie back-office technology to ensuring that staff get a better experience you unlock your secret weapon. 

Because everyone needs to be seen supporting the value and revenue side of their business. 

  • Founded in 2013
  • A Three-Time OpenText Technology Partner of the Year
  • Rated One of the Top 100 Tech Companies To Watch in 2022, 2023, and 2024 by FoundersBeta
  • Certified Great Place to Work
  • Rated One of the Best Workplaces in Technology by Great Place To Work Canada

Leadership Team

Jason W.D. Cassidy

Jason W.D. Cassidy

Founder and CEO
Jason has been solving digital enterprise technology challenges for over 20 years and is the driving force behind Shinydocs’ success.

Tim Shaw

Chief Revenue Officer
Tim brings over 10 years of experience in B2B SaaS growth to his role at Shinydocs where he aligns products, positioning, and people to open up new paths to revenue.

Duncan McGregor

Chief Information Officer
Duncan brings operational experience and strategic planning to help Shinydocs drive value and create positive experience for our customers.

Khalid Merhi

Khalid Merhi

Co-Founder and VP, Research & Development
Khalid leads our research and development efforts to create innovative solutions.

Sean Maybee

Chief Financial Officer
Sean brings a broad range of experience in strategy development, financing, IPOs, investor and board relations, and building strong teams.

Davey Slimmon

VP, Customer Success
Davey brings decades of experience in helping customers realize value while scaling for growth.

David Yoon

Co-Founder and Director, Partner Programs
David leads Shinydocs’ partnerships program by fostering relationships with existing partners and initiating new co-selling / co-marketing initiatives.


We partner with customers to understand their data challenges and opportunities fully. This allows us to offer tailored, continuous, and engaged support.


Data priorities are ever changing – we remain flexible so that we can adapt our approach, and find the right solution to deliver more impactful results.

Goal Oriented

We help customers set manageable and realistic goals to achieve success. Their wins are our wins and we put that at the heart of what we do.

Data-driven Business

Businesses make good decisions when they fully understand their data.


Our solutions turn unmanaged, ever-expanding data into managed, organized intelligence that keeps pace with the business’ growth.


We help organizations meet compliance standards to help reduce their risk of costly fines, and enabling them to get control of their data.


We know data is complicated – we empower you with the confidence to act on the right data, at the right time, in the right way.


With connected information, you gain a complete picture of your business – enabling you to see and access whatever you need, whenever you want it.


We help transform organizations by providing you with new capabilities – powered by a complete understanding of your data.

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