Shinydocs Pricing

  7 Day Free Trial $10,000 USD 90-day project or
$30,000 USD annually
What’s included
Eliminate manual IT/records/consultant costs and effort Yes Yes
Privacy (PII) Data like Driver’s Licenses, Passports, Social Security Numbers, Names, Credit Cards, Address Info, Healthcare Info and more Yes Yes
Search 1 User 5 Users (100USD/user per year for more, volume discounts available)
Content classification Yes Yes
Storage cost and complexity savings Yes Yes
Dashboards and reporting Yes Yes
Up to 50TB Content, Unlimited Content Sources Yes
Up to 1TB Local Content Yes
Extend privacy, classification, and storage optimization rules Yes
Migrations between content sources Let’s Talk
Add connections to unsupported content sources Let’s Talk
Extend privacy, classification, storage optimization rules, dashboards, and reporting to suit your additional needs Let’s Talk
More than 50TB content Let’s Talk
Onboarding and Support Package

Pro Support Package

Chat with one of our knowledgeable specialists who can help you get started quickly and get immediate results.

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