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Executing Your Data Strategy with Confidence: Enhancing File Share Performance and Privacy

Once a cornerstone of business operations, file shares painfully lack efficiency, agility, and modern data privacy controls. Many plan to shut them down, but are challenged to simply pull the plug. In this session, Jim Barnet will demonstrate how to boost the performance and privacy of your file shares today, giving you the time and peace of mind to execute your data strategy tomorrow.

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How to Boost the Performance and Privacy of Your File Shares

  • Avoid Rushed Content Migrations
    How to get the time you need to systematically shut-down your File Shares and migrate with confidence.
  • Govern Content In-Place
    How to minimize the disruption of premature migrations by automating content governance on your File Shares.
  • Bonus: Slash Storage and Backup Costs
    How to save 60% of your storage and IT admin costs by automatically identifying content to be archived or retired.
  • Strengthen Data Privacy
    How to create an automated program to identify ad secure sensitive data and PII stored improperly on File Shares.
  • Make Content Easier to Find
    How to reclaim hours of productivity time with one simple Enterprise Search bar to find content across systems.

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