Recorded WEBINAR

The Information Supremacy

Watch this panel discussion with information management industry powerhouses Jed Cawthorne, Ilona Koti, and Steve Weissman.  

The panel was facilitated by Neya Abdi, who guided the conversation around interesting and potentially polarizing data from the 2023 AIIM Industry Watch survey and Shinydocs’ own industry survey.

It was a conversation to remember, and you can watch it on demand now.  

Watch the Webinar On Demand

Information will empower business leaders

Knowledge and information come from data + context.

This recorded webinar gives a glimpse into what your information management peers are doing right now, and what the future may hold. 

Your seers for the sessions are industry experts who have helped predict some of the biggest changes in the industry and they want to share their most recent insights with you.  

This was an exciting conversation where our guests compared and contrasted two datasets on topics such as: 

  • What IM Challenges to Prioritize in the coming 12-18 months?
    (hint: Managing sensitive data at 83% of respondents to the Shinydocs survey); and 
  • The top technologies to be implemented?
    (hint: 50% of AIIM Industry Watch respondents plan to use metadata enrichment). 

What does this all mean for the future of our industry? Find out by watching Jed Cawthorne, Ilona Koti, and Steve Weissman discuss what we can learn from the data, and what new perspectives should be considered. 

Client Testimonials

“With Shinydocs, we established a new way of work which allows our users to instantly find any information, across any system. Shinydocs has simplified our users’ lives, made onboarding new staff more efficient, and helped improve compliance and information accuracy.”
Graeme Riley, CIO, Dunedin City Council

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