Rethinking Digital Transformation (with Cheryl Smith) | Part 1

Do great leaders create the times, or do the times create great leaders? That’s the question Cheryl Smith asks in her leading book, The Day Before Digital Transformation: Unlocking digital transformation for business leaders. As an IT expert and experienced business leader consultant, there is perhaps no one better qualified to make the vague concept of Digital Transformation easier to understand and take action on. In this episode of Enterprise Intelligence, host Jason Cassidy welcomes Cheryl to the show for part one of their conversation to talk about the process of co-authoring the book as well as the opportunities and challenges she sees for organizations in the years to come.

About Cheryl Smith

Cheryl Smith has led IT at Fortune-ranked companies for 20 years. She was the global CIO at McKesson Corporation, KeySpan Energy (now National Grid), and WestJet Airlines, was the VP of Strategic Systems at Verizon, and a Principal at EY. On top of being a co-founder of the CIO Institute at UC Berkeley’s Hass School of Business, Cheryl has helped to create a leadership program at the Professional Development Academy (PDA) with General Colin Powell, and has served on several Advisory Boards including IBM’s and Oracle’s, and most recently. 

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