Data Protection for Law Firms – with James Merklinger

Today, cybersecurity and data protection are among the biggest concerns for nearly every organization. However, the risk of data loss is particularly critical for law firms holding sensitive client information. These firms – and their clients – want assurance that data is appropriately protected. This is what drove the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) to create their Data Steward Program in late 2020. In this episode of Enterprise Intelligence, host Jason Cassidy welcomes James Merklinger to the show to discuss the data challenges law firms face today and how his organization is giving them the confidence that client information is secure. 

About James Merklinger

With over 20 years of experience as a leader in trade association management, James Merklinger is well versed in legal counseling, non-profit mergers and acquisitions, membership development, event planning, and non-dues revenue growth. He was named ACC Credentialing Institute’s President in 2017 and is responsible for establishing standards that guide ACC’s in-house counsel certification program.

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