Information is Collaborative – with Tod Chernikoff (Part 1)

The days of Records and Information Managers being hidden away in back offices with mountains of physical documents to manage are a thing of the past. And yet, it can still be a challenge for professionals in these roles to just get a seat at the table, despite the importance of their work to the business as a whole. In this episode of Enterprise Intelligence, host Jason Cassidy welcomes Tod Chernikoff to the show to discuss the collaborative approach he has taken throughout his career to get in at the ground level of projects and change the perception of information management for the better.

About Tod Chernikoff

Tod Chernikoff is an experienced records and information manager, business analyst, and planner. Throughout his decades-long career, he has established himself as an expert in records management and information lifecycle governance. Tod is dedicated to helping organizations govern their information assets by connecting people, processes, technology and information. His impressive resume includes roles at companies like IBM, Cadence Group, Gimmal, and most recently, the Navy Federal Credit Union.

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