Municipal Records Management Software

Boost municipal records management efficiency and compliance

Strengthen your processes to accelerate service delivery and comply with federal and local regulations.

  • Enhance records management compliance across all content sources
  • Achieve paperless workflows faster
  • Improve staff efficiency with lighting fast search

Make Good Records Management Part of Your Day-to-Day

Staying compliant with federal and provincial records management regulations can be a complex task for municipalities. Shinydocs strengthens your compliance processes by automating content classification and improving content access.

Confidently Meet Legislative Requirements

Consistently apply records management and retention practices across all divisions.

Automate Content Classification

Use AI-driven approaches to automatically classify content, map structured records, and support paperless processes.

Find Content When You Need it

Retrieve information quickly from multiple platforms with Enterprise Search and boost productivity and response times.

See how Shinydocs helps Ontario Municipalities meet the TOMRMS File Classification and Retention Principles

In Ontario, TOMRMS is the gold standard classification system for managing records within municipal governments and Shinydocs makes it easy!

Meet Your Records Management and Retention Goals Sooner

Shinydocs creates a single view of the content stored in your File Shares, email, collaboration tools, and both current and legacy systems.

  • Meet your retention schedule by automatically finding and applying your classification schemes to content across multiple platforms.
  • Find duplicate, redundant, obsolete, and trivial files that can be retired.
  • Apply consistent governance and accelerate retrieval of records and content for audit response and to ensure compliance.

Go Paperless Faster and Realize Your Sustainable Future

Shinydocs accelerates your transition to paperless workflows and supports your mission to reduce dependency on paper-driven processes.

  • Align your official records and content with your operational processes to make current workflows more efficient.
  • Automate the identification and organization of content as you digitize paper records. 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by saying goodbye to paper and proactively managing the amount of content in your digital storage.

Give Your Staff a Productivity Boost with Enterprise Search

Streamline access to information across your Municipality’s content sources and reclaim 60-minutes of productivity per person every day.

  • Give your staff an extra hour per day by helping them quickly find the information they need when they need it to make faster decisions and increase overall productivity.
  • Provide superior customer service with rapid retrieval of necessary documents. This includes faster response times to public inquiries, more accurate reports, and efficient completion of projects.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of data loss or mishandling by ensuring that staff have access to up-to-date and accurate information at their fingertips.

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