Solve Any Information Management Challenge
With Confidence

Information is at the foundation of your company, and it’s a lot to manage.
Shinydocs is rethinking the way you find, understand, and connect all your content.

Take the headache out of your content management

1. Gain full visibility and control

With Shinydocs Cognitive Suite, you can connect and map all your repositories through one seamless application to simplify governance and compliance.

2. Get a complete understanding

We crawl your unstructured data sources, connect it all together, and empower your business to make more informed decisions.

3. Transform your business

When you have full visibility and control, with a complete understanding of your information you transform the way your business functions.

Visibility is everything

If we didn’t have the Shinydocs Toolkit, there’s no way we could have disseminated what was in all those shares to make business decisions on data. It’s probably the most transformative thing that weve done digitally.
Jay Hitchcock
Director of the Digital Transformation Office, Bruce Power

Benefits at a glance:

Connect all of your content

Seamlessly connect and map all your repositories through one application for complete visibility.

Only keep the files you need

Our solution cleans up your data so that you only keep what you need and save on storage.

Find anything, anywhere, at any time

We crawl your content and create a massive picture of your information that helps you find unfindable files.

Move what you want, where you want

Move cleaned and organized data with real business value into new ECMs, repositories, or databases.

Learn how Bruce Power Connected All Their Data

See for yourself how we helped Canada’s largest private generator achieve a complete understanding of their data.

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