Information is Collaborative – with Tod Chernikoff (Part 1) | April 21, 2022

The days of Records and Information Managers being hidden away in back offices with mountains of physical documents to manage are a thing of the past. And yet, it can still be a challenge for professionals in these roles to just get a seat at the table, despite the importance of their work to the business as a whole. In this episode of Enterprise Intelligence, host Jason Cassidy welcomes Tod Chernikoff to the show to discuss the collaborative approach he has taken throughout his career to get in at the ground level of projects and change the perception of information management for the better.

The Cost of Searching for Information

Finding the right information at the right time isn’t a new problem, but it is one that has gotten increasingly worse in recent years. And looking for files and documents is a huge waste of time that takes away from other important work.

Information Elevated – with Peggy Winton | April 14, 2022

Today, information has never been more important or more valuable. And yet, organizations continue to struggle to wrap their arms around all their data and maximize its value and potential. With this heightened scrutiny has come many challenges for information professionals. But while the challenges are huge, so too are the opportunities. In this episode of Enterprise Intelligence, host Jason Cassidy welcomes Peggy Winton to the show to discuss these challenges and opportunities and how the upcoming 2022 AIIM Conference can help take their information to new heights. 

The Data Literacy Problem – with Peter Aiken | March 24, 2022

As we begin to emerge into a post-pandemic world, data-driven decision making has never been more important. And yet, a lack of data literacy remains a significant barrier between organizations simply accumulating files and information and actually using it to make informed decisions. In this episode of Enterprise Intelligence, host Jason Cassidy sits down with Peter Aiken to discuss this huge problem and how a renewed focus on data literacy can have a significant impact.

Data Protection for Law Firms – with James Merklinger | March 17, 2022

Today, cybersecurity and data protection are among the biggest concerns for nearly every organization. However, the risk of data loss is particularly critical for law firms holding sensitive client information. In this episode of Enterprise Intelligence, host Jason Cassidy welcomes James Merklinger to the show to discuss the data challenges law firms face today and how his organization is giving them the confidence that client information is secure. 

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