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Company Background

Founded by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Howe, AgNovos Healthcare is a privately held medical device company focused on bone health, a crucial quality-of-life issue facing the aging population.


Contending with an extremely large number of files for a small company, AgNovos Healthcare knew that they couldn’t rely on manual processes to identify and remove duplicate files. They needed a solution that could quickly and accurately identify duplicates files, remove them safely, while implementing an improved data management structure to address future data growth.


With high data growth on the horizon, AgNovos Healthcare was challenged with storing files across a number of storage locations including file shares, SharePoint and individual Box accounts without a structured system in place. As a result, there was a lack of visibility into and across their data. It was suspected that high instances of file duplication existed without any way to evaluate their situation.

AgNovos worked with Shinydocs to cleanup its data. Initiating the project, 8.5TB was indexed across 45 individual Box accounts and 20 file shares, revealing over 3,800,000 stored files. The evaluation confirmed 65% of data was duplicated files.

What started out as a project to find duplicates quickly led to mitigating other types of redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data, namely obsolete and trivial files. In total 85,500 additional trivial IT system files representing 48.35GB were identified for removal with the duplicate files identified. Leveraging our accurate tools, AgNovos became confident in the results. ROT files identifies were deleted in-place by the IT and business teams.

Business Critical Outcomes

  • Identified duplicate, obsolete, and trivial IT system files that posed data integrity and security risks, clearing the way for a new data file architecture plan.
  • Leveraging Shinydocs’ machine speed meant that results were generated in a fraction of the time and cost, as oppose to completing the project manually.
  • Defensibly deleted files determined to be redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT), making it easier to find needed files and reduced backup storage costs.

”We have full confidence in Shinydocs to deliver results that drive business value.”

Jim Shimp, CIO

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