Shinydocs Pro for Privacy

Privacy (PII) Data

Continuously identify and report all your Privacy (PII) Data

  • Respond with certainty to DSAR (Data Subject Access) Requests.
  • Ensure Content is stored in accordance with data protection and privacy regulations
  • Confirm you are in compliance with your region’s Privacy laws.
dashboards and reports

Continuous Identification and Reporting

Your IT teams and Records staff (if you have them) are already too busy. Automate a hard job – knowing your content and continuously Report on the Privacy Content.

  • Classification
  • Privacy (PII) Data
  • Search

Easily execute DSAR (Data Subject Access) Requests across all Content. No need to bother your Staff. Easily find what you need to respond confidently.

  • The only thing Staff want from Information Management is to find the Content they need quickly and reliably. Don’t make them work hard to help you comply with Privacy demands.
  • Search respects all Content Permissions. Staff will never see anything restricted.
  • Shinydocs Pro Classification automation makes Search far more powerful than the built-in search in each Content Source.

Automate Classification

Privacy (PII) Data Identification just runs continuously.

  • Continuously Identify and Report Privacy Content
  • Use Search to find and even further Classify Privacy content.
  • Lightening fast compliance, low cost, and low Staff disruption.

Content Sources We Support

File Shares, Local and Removable Storage, Exchange E-Mail, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, iManage, Net Documents, OpenText Content Suite, Documentum, and more.

How to Deploy Shinydocs Pro

icon of a house with servers On Premises
icon laptop and cloudPrivate Cloud
icon of a network cloudPublic Cloud
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