Shinydocs Pro Search

Once you have confidence in your content, deploying Shinydocs Search to your staff will make you an information management hero.

Give your staff a user-friendly search experience where they can find content across the business—in file shares, ECMs, cloud services, email servers, and more—from one centralized search panel.

  • Find what you need. Fast.
  • The only thing staff want from information management is to find the content they need quickly and reliably.
  • Maintain access permissions.
  • Shinydocs Search respects all content permissions. Staff will never see anything restricted.
  • Detailed insights.
  • Shinydocs Pro Classification automation makes search far more powerful than the built-in search in each content source.
  • Easy to navigate results.
  • Search is updated on a schedule you choose, so new content gets added to the search results quickly. And an individual users’ search results are not cluttered with irrelevant content.
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