simplified ECM Adoption

More reliable and affordable than ever.

Shinydrive is the award-winning interface for OpenText Content Suite and Documentum.

Start using Shinydrive with up to 50 users for $5,000 USD/year and 51+ users add $21 USD per user.

Windows Explorer is the best interface for Windows files. Why force users into an unfamiliar experience with your ECM? Increase user adoption, enhance productivity and get maximum value out of your ECM by presenting it as a local drive just like your C: drive or my share drive.

A three-time OpenText technology partner of the year.

Work with us today!

Shinydrive is a desktop and server software installed by your content services administrator.

Get started faster than ever: once approved, Shinydocs will issue you a download link and access to our help desk to get you the support you need.

Want enhanced support? For only 20% of your annual subscription cost, you get personalized installation support and one-on-one guidance for deploying and maintaining Shinydrive.

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