Storage Cost and Complexity Savings

Cost Savings on Storage

Continuously identify and report all duplicate, obsolete, and trivial content.

  • Usually content duplication exceeds 40% to 60%.
  • Confidently archive or delete low value content for obvious cost savings.
  • Works across On-Prem and Cloud content sources.

Continuous Identification and Reporting

Your IT teams and records staff (if you have them) are already too busy. Automate a hard job, knowing your content and how it relates to your business, so you can archive or remove content that is duplicate or has low business value.

  • Classification
  • Privacy (PII) Data
  • Search
dashboards and reports

You and your staff can securely search and mark content as inappropriate, obsolete, trivial. Once you have confidence in your content, deploying Shinydocs Search to your staff will make you an information management hero.

  • The only thing staff want from information management is to find the content they need quickly and reliably.
  • Search respects all content permissions. Staff will never see anything restricted.
  • Shinydocs Pro Classification automation makes Search far more powerful than the built-in search in each content source.

Automate Classification

Shinydocs Pro provides both automations and simple search based interfaces for classification

  • Start with search based tagging.
  • Use the tagging to create automations.
  • Continuously identify and report classified content.
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