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Data Fitness Power Chat with Bruce Power

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Jason Cassidy, CEO of Shinydocs, sat down with Jay Hitchcock, Director of the Digital Transformation Office at Bruce Power, to discuss why investing in your data health is crucial and how they have extracted vital insights from their data.

Get Your Data Right

Shinydocs uses structured data to inform and enrich unstructured content giving companies insight into all their information. Accelerate the migration of clean and classified content into Content Server at the scale needed to address current data volumes across the entire enterprise.

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Thinking Bigger About Data Intelligence in the Enterprise

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Join Shinydocs CEO Jason Cassidy and guest speaker Cheryl McKinnon from Forrester as they discuss the future of intelligent Content Services and how organizations need to move to a data-driven approach that takes structure and metadata seriously.

How to Gain Insight Into ALL of Your Information

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Applications come and go, but data is the enduring and empowering asset. Reach compliance and business objectives by taking a data-centric approach to your enterprise information. Leverage known data models that automate the process of finding and classifying large swaths of data and eliminate the effort required to find scattered and siloed information.

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