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CIO Peer Forum: Disruption is Already at the Door

Cheryl Smith quite literally wrote the book on Digital Transformation and she joins Jason Cassidy to discuss how transformative digital leaders are rethinking data to drive increased revenue, tremendous cost savings and substantively improved ways of doing business. How are you pulling high-value insights from your information instead of simply letting it dissipate like so much data exhaust.

Rethinking Data at #MER2022

The 2022 MER Conference gave us the opportunity to connect with some of the brightest minds in information management and governance. We sat down with industry experts like Natausha Cruz Wilson, Steve Weissman, Mark Diamond, and Angela Watt to talk about how they’re #RethinkingData for better business outcomes.

MER Conference 2022

Rethinking Data for Evolving Information Governance

Governance initiatives can only be successful when tied to strategic business objectives. A fully connected data ecosystem can do so much more than just minimize risk — it can drive innovation and intelligence. Learn how to gain executive attention, funding, and support by demonstrating the value in your data.

Data Fitness Power Chat with Bruce Power

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Jason Cassidy, CEO of Shinydocs, sat down with Jay Hitchcock, Director of the Digital Transformation Office at Bruce Power, to discuss why investing in your data health is crucial and how they have extracted vital insights from their data.


Get Your Data Right

Shinydocs uses structured data to inform and enrich unstructured content giving companies insight into all their information. Accelerate the migration of clean and classified content into Content Server at the scale needed to address current data volumes across the entire enterprise.

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