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Data Governance in Cloud Storage

The Role of Data Governance in Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an undeniable need because we all use digital solutions and tools for work and other purposes. But as cloud storage expands…

BySarah LongJan 25, 2024
data classification

Fundamental Data Classification Levels Explained

In an era where data is as valuable as gold, understanding the layers of data classification levels is not just a matter of security…

BySarah LongJan 23, 2024
What Is A Data Catalog? Understanding Its Role and Importance

What Is A Data Catalog? Understanding Its Role and Importance

In the digital age, where data is akin to a valuable resource, understanding ‘what is a data catalog’ becomes fundamentally important. This blog aims…

BySarah LongJan 22, 2024

Webinar Recap: Reputation Under Review

What is Reputation Management?  Reputation management refers to the practice of influencing or controlling the reputation of an individual or organization. Previously the job…

BySarah LongJan 20, 2024
data classification

5 Data Classification Examples: Understanding the Basics

Data Classification: Navigating the Landscape of Organized Information In today’s information-rich environment, understanding the basics of data classification is crucial for businesses and individuals…

BySarah LongJan 19, 2024
data discovery

Mastering the Data Discovery Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the rapidly evolving world of data management, mastering the data discovery process is critical for businesses of all sizes. This blog provides a…

BySarah LongJan 17, 2024
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